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Information on cookies

A cookie is a small file which downloads onto the user´s device when accessing certain web pages so that certain information can be obtained and which allows the storing of and access to information on the browsing which is carried out on the device with a view to improving the services provided.

Types of cookies

According to the type of entity which manages the domain from where the cookies are sent and the treatment of the information obtained, two types of cookie can be distinguished: first party cookies and third-party cookies.
There is also a second type of classification according to the length of time for which they are stored on the customer´s browser which may be session cookies or persistent cookies.
Finally, there is a further classification with five different types of cookie according to the purpose for which the information obtained is to be used: technical cookies, personalising cookies, analysis cookies, publicity cookies and behavioural publicity cookies.
For more information on this matter please see the Guía sobre el uso de las cookies de la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (Guide for the use of cookies by the Spanish Data Protection Agency

What type of cookies do we use?

This webpage uses its own, first party cookies together with analytical cookies from Google Analytics which is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc., a company based in the state of Delaware in the United States with its head office at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States of America (henceforth referred to as 'Google').
From the web analysis provided by Google we obtain anonymous information regarding the number of users who access the website, the number of pages visited, the frequency of repetition of visits, the duration of visits, the browser used, the operator providing the service, the language, the terminal used or the city which the IP address is assigned to.
This information makes it possible to provide a better or more appropriate service through our website.
Below is a table showing the cookies used:

Cookie Name Purpose Type Permanence More information
Google Analytics _ga

Used for distinguishing users.

Used for the control of the number of requests.
First Party Persistent Analysis

Own Persistent Analysis
2 years
10 minutes
- Google Analytics

- Google Privacy Centre

- Google Analytics disabling complement
Own PHPSESSID Records interaction, facilitate browsing. First Party Session Technical Expire at the end of the session
Own Cb-enabled Records preferences for the use of cookies. First Party Technical Permanence 1 year

This list will be updated as soon as possible whenever the services provided by the website are changed. However, on occasions, during this updating, it may be that the list no longer includes a cookie although it will always refer to cookies with purposes identical to those registered on this list.
In addition, users of the website are informed that the obtaining of the information (including IP address) on the use of this site through Google Analytics will only be carried out by Google Inc. in its own name, the holder of the site not having any access at any time to said information but rather only that added information provided subsequently by Google and which is not associated with any IP address; the user should be clear that it is Google Inc through Google Analytics.com which will decide the purpose of the treatment and the use of the information collected at any time together with the functioning and duration of the cookie and that, according to the information provided by Google Inc., the user may avoid the collection of this information by denying the installation of cookies by means of the configuration of their browser.

How to disable cookies on the principal browsers

With a view to providing users with the necessary information should they wish to prevent the installation of cookies on their device, we are making available the instructions provided for the purpose for the browsers which are considered to be the most widely used. However, some services may not function correctly when cookies are disabled.

Google Chrome Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari

Third party Cookies

Third party cookies may be installed in cases where users employ the pages which we make available on social networks. These cookies are not installed by ourselves but rather by the social networking pages themselves and therefore, to learn more about them you are recommended to visit the webpages for these social networking tools which are provided below:
Facebook LinkedIn Google+

Cookies are also used when connecting to http://www.link-design.es/; you can consult their cookies policy by means of the link to the cookies policy for this webpage:
Link Design - Información sobre cookies